Box CEO Aaron Levie Talks AI’s Business Potential and Who Gets Ahead | PRO Insight

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The tech entrepreneur provides some answers to major questions about jobs and creativity

Box Aaron Levie TheWrap TheGrill
Box CEO Aaron Levie at TheWrap's 2015 TheGrill conference in Beverly Hills. (Alison Buck/Getty Images for TheWrap)

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Box CEO Aaron Levie has an uncanny ability to explain complex tech moves in simple language. Whether it’s Meta’s decision to open source an AI model or Apple’s plan to build its own “Apple GPT,” Levie gets to the bottom of issues fast. And so, in a week filled with major news, it was time to get on the line.

This week, I spent an hour with Levie — recording a special edition of “Big Technology Podcast” that’s releasing Friday — and we went deep into the tech giants’ recent AI power plays, discussing their moves and tackling broader questions around jobs and creativity.