J. Lo & Timothée Chalamet Are No Match for ‘Bridgerton’ on Streaming | Charts

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Netflix’s hit romance series spends its second week atop the streaming Top 10

Luke Newton in "Bridgerton" Season 3 (Netflix)

How do you know you have a bona fide streaming hit? Topping the streaming chart of the Samba TV Weekly Wrap Report for two weeks in a row is one indicator. Doing so while simultaneously beating out the highest-grossing theatrical release of the year to date and one of the biggest streaming premieres of the year? That’s a sign of a surefire smash.

The third season of “Bridgerton” accomplished those feats and sits atop the most-watched streaming programs for the week of May 20 to 26. Similarly impressive is that “Bridgerton” season 1, from 2020, is the sixth-most watched show this week. Clearly, fans were craving more of the historical romance series after two years without any new episodes.


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