‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s’ Kyra Sedgwick on Working With Andre Braugher and 6 Other Emmy Contender Quickies

“When I grabbed him and kissed him,” the actress tells TheWrap, “that was great”

Coming off of a seven-season run as the star of TNT’s “The Closer” in 2012, Kyra Sedgwick returned to television last season with a guest starring role on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Sedgwick made her “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” debut as deputy chief Madeline Wunch in the second episode of the second season. A longtime rival of Andre Braugher‘s Captain Holt, Wunch set out to destroy the 99th precinct out of spite for having her sexual advances rejected by the gay captain.

The dynamic between Wunch and Holt proved to be such a winner, that Sedgwick — originally signed on for just two episodes — went on to appear in seven episodes, with the tension between the two escalating each time. By the season finale, Wunch succeeded in removing Holt from the Nine-Nine by tricking him into a promotion he didn’t want.

In an interview with TheWrap, Sedgwick talked about her struggle to keep a straight face with Andre Braugher, how she prefers to watch TV and what category she’d like to see added to the Emmys.

TheWrap: What was the toughest scene you had to do this season?

Kyra SedgwickHonestly, it was such a fun and easy job. Especially after doing “The Closer” for seven years. I really can’t think of anything. I would say keeping a straight face with Andre Braugher. He’s just really funny. He tickles my funny bone.

Which was the most fun?

The most fun thing I got to do was anything to do with Andre Braugher. Whether it was showing up to his house in a trench coat and lingerie — by the way I wanted to be wearing nothing underneath, but Fox wouldn’t go for it — to when I grabbed him and kissed him in a different episode, that was great.

If someone had never seen “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” what would you say to persuade them to watch it?

I was a huge “Barney Miller” fan. So, to me it’s got the essence of “Barney Miller” with a little of “Airplane!” sprinkled in. That’s how I’d describe it.

Who else on your show really deserves an Emmy and why?

Well I think Andre deserves an Emmy. But honestly, the truth is that the whole cast deserves an Emmy. They’re a really great ensemble.

Are you a binge-watcher? Or do you like to watch one episode a week?

You know, I kind of miss the days when it was appointment television. There are some shows that I watch weekly, like “Veep,” for instance, I always catch up on. But others I start binge watching and then kind of forget where I left off. It’s frustrating when I have to scroll through to see which ones I have seen and which ones I haven’t. I know for some people this is an easier way of doing things, but for me it seems more complicated. I prefer to watch things on a weekly basis. I prefer to marinate on everything I see. Because if I watch a bunch in a row, it all gets jumbled up in my head. I guess I’m just old-fashioned.

If you could add any new category to the Emmys, serious or silly, what would it be?

Like I said before, Best Ensemble. I know SAG does that. But I don’t know, that’s a hard question for some reason.

If you’re nominated, which episode would you submit to the Emmys, and why?

The first episode she’s in. I think it’s called “Chocolate Milk.” I love the introduction to the character, there’s a good chunk of scenes in there. It’s the commencement of this wildly inappropriate relationship where this empowered female is really kind of stalking this guy because she can’t believe he’s gay. She’s out to prove that he’s not in some way.

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