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Bruce Jenner Crash Footage from MTA Bus Being Analyzed by Police

Bus cam captured entire accident that resulted in one fatality, sheriff’s officials tell TheWrap

A camera on a Los Angeles city bus has recorded the fatal, multi-car crash involving Bruce Jenner, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told TheWrap Tuesday.

Footage from the Route 534 bus, which runs up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, captured the entire February 7 collision — which left 69-year-old Kim Howe dead.

While a spokesperson for the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station would not comment on the contents of the tape, media reports claim it shows Jenner striking two different cars.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority, which operates the bus, declined comment as well.

The Sheriff’s Department previously described the chain of events as a Prius traveling on PCH either slowed down or stopped, and a Lexus (driven by Howe) struck the Prius. Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade then reportedly rear-ended the Lexus, pushing it head-on into a Hummer driving in opposing traffic — resulting in Howe’s death.

As TheWrap previously reported, Jenner told the Sheriff’s Department he was being trailed by celebrity photographers when the crash occurred. However, the LASD later determined the photographers were not a factor in the collision.

There’s been intense interest in the former Olympian in recent weeks as he is reportedly transitions from male to female.

A portion of an ABC News special with Diane Swayer on Jenner’s life change has already been taped, TheWrap has learned. In addition to announcing his intention to become female in the sit-down interview, the E! reality star is also filming a docu-series shepherded by reality TV producers Bunim/Murray Productions.