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Bryan Singer Under Investigation by NYPD for Alleged Sexual Assault

Special Victims Squad investigating complaint that Singer assaulted a man in his twenties

Bryan Singer is under investigation by the New York Police Department for an alleged sexual assault that happened in March 2014. A criminal complaint was filed on May 9, alleging that the embattled “X-Men” director sexually assaulted a man in his 20s in New York City, according to media reports.

The New York Police Department is conducting the investigation after receiving the complaint from an unidentified man. The complaint was filed as Singer was facing two concurrent civil lawsuits alleging sexual assault of minors. Both of those cases were recently dropped.

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No charges have been filed against Singer. According to his lawyer Martin Singer (no relation), neither he nor his client have been contacted by the NYPD in relation to the investigation. NYPD Deputy Chief Kim Royster confirmed the investigation for the media, adding that it is not necessarily unusual for Singer to have not yet been contacted while an investigation is ongoing.

The story of the nearly four month-old investigation broke one day after Michael Egan’s motion to drop his sexual abuse lawsuit against Singer was granted. His was the first lawsuit to target Singer, along with other prominent Hollywood figures.

Filed in April, one month before the NYPD complaint, Egan accused Singer and others of sexually assaulting him when he was a minor. The suit faced several setbacks, including contradictory testimony from a previous lawsuit and Egan’s lawyer Jeff Herman filing a motion to withdraw as his counsel, before Egan ultimately filed his motion to dismiss. The suit was dismissed without prejudice, which means Egan could file again.

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Earlier this year, Egan withdrew other lawsuits against Disney executive David Neuman, former TV executive Garth Ancier and Broadway producer Gary Goddard.

In July, Singer was dropped from an additional suit brought against him and others by an anonymous plaintiff in London. That suit was filed in May, also claiming sexual assault when the anonymous plaintiff was a teen. It targeted Goddard as well as an accomplice in the assault. Both suits were filed with attorney Jeff Herman representing the plaintiffs.