CBS’ Nina Tassler Says Post-‘Colbert’ Series May Not Be a Talk Show

TCA 2014: Tassler also says she’s “pissed” about ‘Good Wife’ Emmy snub

CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler.

CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler says the series that will follow Stephen Colbert in late night may not be a talk show.

In her executive session at the Television Critics Association, Tassler said the show may not have a host with a comedy background and could, for example, draw on the political world. She also defended CBS’ diversity in primetime this fall, and said she was “pissed” about an Emmy snub for “The Good Wife.”

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Tassler began her talk with reporters by noting that in the Emmy nominations announced last week, CBS earned more than any other broadcaster and was second to HBO overall. But she was disappointed that “The Good Wife” didn’t crack the Outstanding Drama category. (Neither did any other broadcast show.)

She said the network has had very preliminary talks with Stephen Colbert, who is succeeding David Letterman at 11:30 each night, about the format for his new show, including whether he will have a band.

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She said the network is also looking”though a very different lens” at the 12:30 show that will follow Colbert’s. She noted that there is a “knee-jerk” instinct to have a “behind the desk interview format.”

“But who knows?” she added. Asked if the 12:30 show might not be a talk show, she replied, “It might not, but it also might be.”
Tassler also fielded several questions about the diversity of her shows. ABC has several shows this season with members of racial minorities in the lead, and Tassler was asked if she’s worried CBS will be left behind.
She noted that while no fall shows have minority leads, they do have diverse supporting casts, and the summer series “Extant” features Halle Berry in the lead.