Chaos, Fury Engulf Los Angeles Times in Historic Cuts to Newsroom 

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Latino and Black staffing is reduced by a third, D.C. bureau shuttered and prize winners given pink slips

A composite image of LA Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong surrounded by flames and the newspaper logo.
Los Angeles Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong (TheWrap/Chris Smith)

LA Times guild members met with management on Wednesday to try to create order from the chaos of the bloodiest layoffs in decades at the nation’s largest West Coast newspaper. 

Update: Even at midnight on Wednesday, the turmoil continued as the guild informed members of additional cuts. “In one of the most bizarre days of bargaining we’ve experienced, the company unexpectedly raised its layoff target and sent out five more layoff notices Wednesday night – then as midnight neared and we raised protests for our affected colleagues, signaled these notices might not be final,” read the note, obtained by TheWrap.

That note followed a day full of tension and anger.


17 responses to “Chaos, Fury Engulf Los Angeles Times in Historic Cuts to Newsroom ”

  1. charles scott holman Avatar
    charles scott holman

    No one reads these newspapers and magazines anymore, even on line. Sad but true.

    1. Tom Avatar

      So with LA boasting to now be 49% Latino, the Times should just go to a Spanish only edition and go with the growth of that population during Reconquesta….

  2. Dan Avatar

    Ba-haw-haw-haw! Nobody buys the lib, Woke, B.S. propaganda!

    And all the A.A. minority hires?


  3. Bill Avatar

    The LA Times is just another Leftists newspaper, as are most newspapers in the USA.  Most news outlets on TV and the internet are Leftist in slant.  95% of media outlets are Leftist in slant.  

    So, what do you get from the LA Times you can’t get from thousands of other sources?  

    Let it rot.  

    1. Chas F Avatar
      Chas F

      Everyone need a job. I’ve lost two jobs due to cut backs. And I’m sort of sorry. However….
      Your comment is what the Woke and the libs REFUSE to understand. When you TRASH half of the countrie’s values and half of the people, (Conservatives and conservative religious people) don’t want your “services”and won’t give you their money.
      The Very Liberal press people destroyed their own market! Quite simple, actually.

    2. China Joe Avatar
      China Joe

      Indeed.  I really need to upload this article about journalists to the WGAF database.

  4. Stephen J Goldberg Avatar
    Stephen J Goldberg

    They can fail. People read it online, but not enough subscribers. It’s happening all over the industry. We will see who is next. The country is so divided that people will only watch their local news and repeat something that suits their narrative. I read it for 25 years as a kid growing up on the beach in Dana Point. Grandma who raised me liked the coupons. Those days are over. Who reads a newspaper (hard print) anymore?

    No one gets a paper delivered where I live in a suburb of Dallas. The news might as well be 10 days old over night. Too slow. Pop and Mom (Grandma) would hate this. Glad they passed in 1996 so they never had to see what we have become-chaotic and crazy.

  5. Chuck Avatar

    Learn to code, groomers!

  6. depressionbaby Avatar

    BOO HOO!!

  7. douglas gray Avatar
    douglas gray

    My GOOGLE News Feed has hundreds of sources, NYP, WP, Haaretz, etc. So why look at the L.A. Times? Interesting how a billionaire subsidizes them for awhile, then when he decides to stop, he is the villain, as if he owes them a job.

  8. Charlie Avatar

    Everyone need a job. I’ve lost two jobs due to cut backs. And I’m sort of sorry. However…
    what the Woke and the libs REFUSE to understand is: When you TRASH half of the countrie’s values and half of the people, Conservatives and conservative religious people, won’t want your “services”and won’t give you their money.
    The Very Liberal press people destroyed their own market! Quite simple, actually.

  9. Jeri Vargas Avatar
    Jeri Vargas

    There was a time when the Los Angeles Times was considered one of the 10 best newspapers in the country. Over these last few years, I have watched the relevance of the newspaper diminish steadily, as it tried (more and more) to create a new, relevant, document. I believe that the problem is that they focused on the wrong audience: young millennials, who probably don’t read the paper anyway: it didn’t matter that they were more ethnically diverse: all of these new writers were very young. Gone from the paper were articles and columns that appealed to the newspaper-loving audience that had always been there: we were suddenly “obsolete”! We are not the “jet-setting financially flexible youth that the paper now caters to (eg., late-night venues, fashionable bars and bistros, spas and expensive retreats!). You have ignored family issues, elderly, handicapped, ethnically diverse issues of coping with schools, community mores, generational transitions and services, economic and legal issues, cooking healthy on a budget: ALL THINGS THAT AT ONE TIME OR OTHER, THE PAPER COVERED! Yet a section on Communist China was added, once a month , despite the fact that most ethnic Chinese are estranged from mainland China, coming from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Gardening and home repairs are more relatable when they are for the average person, not the millionaire, who has plenty to choose from already.
    Take a serious look at Los Angeles and who we are. Yes, the important news stories have received very good coverage (although by closing down the D.C. office, that will change) and sports too, but after that, there is little for most of us who read the paper, to connect to. I don’t know what is worse: losing the paper altogether, or having a mediocre, biased toward sensationalism or shallow stories a la the Enquirer and Rupert Murdoch as an option.
    Make the paper relevant again and you will gain readership. Rethink the product and come back to what Los Angeles (and all of the other readers) look forward too: not this! Bring back good, diverse articles and we are there!

  10. Bill MacKenzie Avatar

    As a former reporter, it’s sad thing to see and the whole process seems badly mishandled. At the same time, what do the LA Times staffers think the owner owes them if the paper is losing $40 million a year? They are living in la la land if they expect capitalists to lose their shirts to protect journalists.

  11. Jerry Gregoire Avatar
    Jerry Gregoire

    If I could go to a news source and KNOW that I won’t be led down a ideological path either by commission or omission and that the reporting was through and factual, I would read it continually. What I find now is commentary, 30 second sound bites, and irrelevant data. For example, I don’t care what the latest poll says. They move like a leaf in the wind. I do care about issues and reporting that actually looks at all sides.
    In the absence of this I find myself reading brain candy commentary.

  12. Lisa Avatar

    Based on the presented grammar, spelling and vocabulary abilities of the “anti-liberal” mob here, I would suggest that they are the very folks who could benefit from reading items that challenge their thinking. Besides broadening their intellectual horizons, this would also offer an opportunity to increase their own apparently poor English skills. Cheers.

  13. Henry Hackett Avatar
    Henry Hackett

    I’m with Jeri’s comment above and have long history with newspapers in our family. The LA Times lost focus over the past three years, and I’m not even sure they did a good job of covering the important stories. I understand trying to appeal to new readers, but you cut off the people that spend $1000 a year for your sub and that was pretty much every signal they sent. I don’t care what you think about the editorial pages, the WSJ and NYT are far superior papers with real reporting for adults of all ages with some other fun and cultural stories as well. Another central issue is that some reporters wanted to be the story themselves. You aren’t writing for your instagram page – they don’t understand the difference between editorial, news coverage and general entertainment. You can try new things to connect to new audiences, but don’t diminish the coverage of national and civic issues and in my opinion that’s exactly what has happened. I’m not sure it can recover.

  14. Marty Avatar

    I quit reading the newspaper when it was written for medals, awards and when it was aimed at other egotistical writers. what I wanted was more like a TV report of the news. Give it a few lines, tell the story for people who don’t have all day to read the articles. If you do look at the whole article it is full of “stuff” that doesn’t give you the straight news, but gives you filler that only a few will appreciate. I do not want stupid, or untalented people trying to tell me something, but just look at how many people turn to TV or even the internet to get it quickly and with out your comments telling them what they should get out of it. Just give me the NEWS and leave the rest to me. Oh and report both sides of a story, and treat both the right and the left the same way. This isn’t what you get with newspapers like this one. No wonder all the fluff filler writers were laid off. Give me 6 pages of good stuff and if I want more give me the web site where I can find it.

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