Cinema Foundation Launches Industry Promotions Fund With Angel Studios Donation

The new organization aims to work with studios and exhibitors to support a healthy theatrical industry

Cristiana Dell’Anna in "Cabrini" (Angel Studios)

Angel Studios has made a donation to The Cinema Foundation’s newly formed Industry Promotions fund. This announcement came on Monday morning amid ShowEast, the annual exhibition industry event taking place in Miami, Florida. While the exact amount of the contribution was not revealed, sources say it is a portion of the funds earned by Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom” during National Cinema Day. The blockbuster human trafficking drama earned $550,688 on Aug. 27 on a day during which tickets nationwide cost just $4.

The Industry Promotions Fund will work with studios and exhibitors to advance the future of the moviegoing experience in the hopes of supporting a healthy exhibition industry across North America. National Cinema Day brought in $34 million domestic to theaters, including “Barbie” topping with $5.68 million. That amounted to nearly 8.5 million attendees, a 5% increase over last year’s National Cinema Day.  

“We are thrilled to support The Cinema Foundation’s Industry Promotions Fund to help drive more people to movie theaters,” Angel Studios EVP of Global Head of Theatrical Distribution Brandon Purdie said in a statement. “Films need to be seen in the theater where we can set aside distractions and truly be absorbed in a story. We couldn’t effectively bring impactful theatrical experiences that amplify light to audiences without NATO and its Cinema Foundation. They have been steadfast in supporting theaters around the globe in ways that directly impact our efficiency and efforts as a studio and distributor, and Angel is happy to help support their work in a small way.” 

The money will go towards events like National Cinema Day and National Popcorn Day, along with industry data and research. Moreover, it will be used to promote the exhibition industry as a career path, with recruitment campaigns and training programs.

Time will tell if this makes Angel Studios the first of multiple studios to join in. It is a shrewd way for the upstart distributor to create fanfare before the release of “After Death” on Oct. 27. They also have “The Shift” on Dec. 1 and “Cabrini,” from the director of “Sound of Freedom,” opening nationwide on March 8, 2024.  

“We are grateful for the support of Angel Studios with their significant donation and for their help in making National Cinema Day a rousing success,” says The Cinema Foundation Executive Director Bryan Braunlich. “We look forward to working with all studios, exhibitors, partners and the creative community in building our Industry Promotions Fund to continue to build our industry and bring together film fans to enjoy movies on the big screen.” 


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