Clubhouse Has Peaked: Android Signups Plummet 86% Since Last Year | Chart

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The social audio app has faced constraints and drastic decline since getting a pandemic boost in 2020

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Clubhouse, the social-audio app that became a pandemic era phenomenon, is seeing signups drop off drastically since its peak levels two years ago.

Since the release of Clubhouse’s Android app last summer, the social audio platform’s monthly downloads have fallen by a staggering 86% and are now averaging about 2.8 million downloads globally, according to Similarweb’s analysis provided to TheWrap. After seeing a surge in adoption during the early pandemic months of 2020, the platform has faced several constraints as it tried to expand amid increasing competition.

“It was this new and imaginative concept of live audio chatrooms and the lure of invite-only made it more alluring,” Sneha Pandey, insights manager of Similarweb, told TheWrap.