Why Veteran Syfy Exec Mark Stern Pivoted From TV to Podcasts: ‘I Got Very Disenchanted’

Office With a View: After decades in television, the former original content president is building the first audio studio dedicated to fantasy and sci-fi dramas


You wouldn’t think busted pilots or scrapped sci-fi scripts would have a home in today’s vast content market, but Mark Stern sees a place for them.

The Syfy veteran is building the first-ever studio to uncover those hidden gems and turn them into podcast magic. His 2-year-old company, Echoverse, is focusing on making audio dramas in the sci-fi, fantasy and supernatural genres, a market with a big appetite for podcasting, fandom and niche shows. After leading original content at Syfy for more than a decade and founding IM Global Television, it’s safe to say he has developed an eye for taking wonky ideas from development to distribution.