How a Passion for Movies Became a Multi-Genre, Multi-Channel AVOD Success Story

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Gary Delfiner built WatchFreeFlix on his love of films and advertising know-how

Gary Delfiner WatchFreeFlix

Competing with the Hollywood big boys may seem like a daunting task to most, but for Gary Delfiner, creator of WatchFreeFlix — the publisher across multiple platforms of genre-sorted AVOD (advertising-based video on demand, which is free to consumers) movies — it was a leap of faith worth taking.

If it seems like every month a new subscription channel from a studio, network or production company pops up offering consumers something that their competitors presumably don’t, that’s because they are. But Delfiner has proven that when David gets in the ring with Goliath, the little guy can win out. His strategy for building and maintaining a successful and thriving business in the movie streaming world: go simple, go specific and, oh yeah, “free is a very good price,” as he puts it.