Imagine’s Sara Bernstein Wants to Pioneer the ‘Musical Documentary’ – And Make ‘A Lot of Money Doing It’

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“Everyone keeps implying that this doc bubble is going to burst… but I’m excited about where the documentary form is headed,” co-president of Imagine Docs says

Sara Bernstein Imagine Documentaries
Sara Bernstein, co-president of Imagine Documentaries in November 2021/Getty Images

Ask Sara Bernstein where she thinks documentaries are headed, and she’s optimistic that the genre will continue to grow in popular culture, but also that she and her team at Imagine Documentaries believe they will be the ones to help push the form to the next level.

“I want us to continue to push the limits of what can be a commercially viable and still a very important project,” Bernstein told TheWrap. “I’d love to do a documentary musical.”

A music doc? No, a “documentary musical,” she says, and she even hopes Lin Manuel-Miranda might be listening. “It’s something I talk about all the time.