Watch CNN’s Jim Acosta Grill Marjorie Taylor Greene on the Street About Capitol Riot (Video)

“Where’s the proof that the FBI was involved?” Acosta asks. “Don’t you owe it to the people to produce that evidence?”

Jim Acosta Marjorie Taylor Green

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene refused to appear on CNN to elaborate on her Capitol insurrection conspiracy theories, so the network’s Chief Domestic Correspondent Jim Acosta went to her. And little was accomplished.

For months, Taylor Greene has refused to acknowledge that the mob that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 was Trump supporters and has instead spread the conspiracy theory that it was the work of FBI operatives and Antifa. In an interview published Saturday, Acosta tracked down the Republican congresswoman in hopes that she’d provide evidence for her widely-disputed claims.

When confronted about recently released videos featuring new angles from the attack and even more insurrectionists in Trump regalia, Greene deflected from Acosta’s questioning by stating that the public has a right to view the video.

“The American taxpayers pay for everything here right,” she said. “They pay for the building. They pay for the cameras. They pay for the staff. They pay my salary. They pay for everything. This is the type of video they deserve to see publicly.”

Acosta pressed further, asking, “When you look at the video, don’t you see mainly Trump supporters?”

“There’s all kinds of people involved in the rioting,” she answered. “There’s people in black clothes. There’s people in red hats. There’s people in Trump clothes.”

“Where is the proof that the FBI was involved? Where’s the proof that Antifa was involved? Don’t you owe it to the people to produce the evidence?” Acosta pushed politely.

“I don’t owe it,” she said. “I didn’t cause the riots so I certainly don’t owe it.”

Greene did say, however, that she’d be willing to accept that the FBI was not involved in the attack… if they can produce their evidence.

“I’m sure, yes, of course, if they say they weren’t and show proof they weren’t, of course, I would,” she said.

Last month, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have established an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the new committee earlier this week, which is still being formed along with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

When asked by the reporter if she’d like to serve on Pelosi’s committee, Greene responded, “Sure, she should put me on the committee. That would be great.”


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