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Colbert Wants More Than Just ‘History’ to Hold Trump Accountable for Jan. 6: ‘Mike Pence Is Gonna Do Jack Squat to Help’ (Video)

The former vice president spoke out during the annual Gridiron Club Dinner, saying that ”history will hold Donald Trump accountable“

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert knocked Mike Pence on Monday after the former vice president said that “history will hold Donald Trump accountable” for the events of Jan. 6 during at the Gridiron Club dinner over the weekend.

“OK, that’s cool about history and stuff but could the Justice Department hold him accountable?,” Colbert asked. “Or maybe the Manhattan district attorney? Or the Baskin Robbins birthday club? Anyone? Anyone alive now? Because Mike Pence isn’t gonna do jack squat to help.”

Colbert pointed out that Pence asked a judge to block a special counsel subpoena asking him to testify about the events on Jan. 6, arguing that he is protected by the Constitution’s Speech or Debate Clause, which protects lawmakers from certain law enforcement actions during their legislative duties. Pence said that serving as president of the Senate makes him a member of the legislative branch.

“OK, technically true, but barely,” Colbert teased. “That makes as much sense as saying, ‘For your information, I’m a member of the United States mileage plus, so legally, I’m allowed to land this 747.'”

During the dinner, Pence also told jokes and did an impression of Trump, which prompted Colbert to do his own deadpan impression of the former vice president.

“It is I, the godless president. I would like another cheesed burger please,” Colbert mocked. “Now for my Robert De Niro. Hello, I am acclaimed actor, deserving of respect and admiration, Robert De Niro. Are you talking to me? I don’t see anyone else here. Who in the h-e double hockey sticks are you talking to, if not me?”

A top Pence advisor told Politico that the former vice president made jokes about Trump because he is “in a place where he can be sort of free and liberated.”

“So he’s not gonna testify but he can wear a Snoopy tie,” Colbert joked.

Watch the full monologue in the video above.