‘Daily Show’ Host Charlamagne Tha God Says GOP Expelled George Santos Because He’s Gay: ‘If You’re LGBT They’ll Make You GTFO’ | Video

“Republicans are ride and die with all kinds of liars and crooks. I’m just saying look at their track record,” Charlamagne said

Charlamagne tha God thinks it’s time to address a major reason why George Santos was expelled from Congress: his sexuality.

“I think it’s very important to acknowledge a large part of why he was kicked out is that he’s gay,” the guest host said on Monday night’s “The Daily Show” episode. “Republicans don’t f–k with that gay s–t.”

The comedian and radio host went on to say that Santos “could never be a full part of that club” because of his sexuality. “Yes, he was a scam artist who stole and lied, but Republicans are ride and die with all kinds of liars and crooks. I’m just saying look at their track record. If you’re LGBT they’ll make you GTFO,” tha God said.

That’s not the only potentially controversial take the guest host had about Santos. During Monday night’s episode, Charlamagne revealed he doesn’t think Santos should have been expelled from Congress “for two reasons.”

“One, we were all safer when we knew where this dude was. Now he can be anywhere,” Charlamagne said. “He can be at Nordstrom using your credit card right now.”

“But more importantly, I don’t think Congress should come before the court,” Charlamagne said. Santos was expelled from his elected position as part of the U.S. House of Representatives following a report that claimed he used campaign money on personal expenses such as Botox, items from Sephora, OnlyFans and a vacation to the Hamptons. This expulsion happened prior to any court case against Santos.

” You shouldn’t be able to kick someone out for crimes they haven’t actually been convicted of yet, and I tell you why. To get convicted in a court it takes 12 ordinary citizens to judge you. And I trust 12 randos off the street way more than 435 congresspeople,” tha God said. “Imagine if all our coworkers could vote on whether we should have a job. We’d all be unemployed.”

On Friday, Santos was expelled from the House with a vote of 311 to 114. This was the third vote Congress had enacted to expel Santos. The politician is now the third person to ever be voted out of Congress since the Civil War and the first Republican in the history of the United States.


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