New ‘Daredevil’ Directors Say They’re at ‘Day 0’ on Series: We’re ‘Consuming … All the Possible Material’

“We’re just making our stew of information nice and thick,” Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead tell TheWrap

Marvel Studios

With both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes officially over, productions are quickly getting back underway. But for those wondering about Marvel’s “Daredevil: Born Again” series, well, it’s still a ways out, according to the series new directors.

In October, Marvel vets Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead were tapped to take over as directors on the remainder of production of the first season after the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes prompted filming to come to an abrupt halt this summer.

At the time, less than half of the 18-episode order was completed in production before a creative overhaul resulted in a shift in direction and leadership, which led to the arrival of Benson and Moorehead take on directorial oversight for the remainder.

Speaking to TheWrap about the finale of “Loki” Season 2, which they directed, Moorhead and Benson revealed that although the strikes have ended, they’re still very early in the process of picking up “Daredevil.”

“We have the best answer for you. So you see this space we’re in right now? This is our office and we just found out we have an office about 45 minutes ago,” Benson joked. “And that’s what we’re at with Daredevil.”

Speaking more seriously, Moorhead noted that, at this point, they are still building their foundation and they’re looking at more than just the footage that has already been shot.

“It is day zero,” he explained. “We’re currently just consuming Daredevil content, not just the Netflix show but all the possible material. We’re just making our stew of information nice and thick.”

Benson and Moorhead have been tasked with directing the remaining episodes and new material for the episodes that have already been shot, as Marvel Studios shifted the direction of the show after looking at what had been captured before the strike.

Benson and Moorhead made waves in the horror genre with films like “The Endless” and “Symphonic” before making their MCU debut on the Disney+ series “Moon Knight,” which led to them being hired as primary directors on “Loki” Season 2.

Of course, fans won’t have to wait too long to see Charlie Cox’s Daredevil again. After appearing in “She-Hulk” earlier this year, he’s set to return as the masked vigilante in “Echo,” which premieres on Disney+ and Hulu on Jan. 10, 2024.

In addition to Cox, actor Vincent D’Onofrio is set to reprise his role as Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk in “Daredevil: Born Again,” as well as “Echo.”


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