David Harbour Is a Ghost Who Goes Viral in Trailer for Netflix Movie ‘We Have a Ghost’ (Video)

The “Stranger Things” actor encounters familiar elements in the film

Netflix on Thursday launched a trailer for “We Have a Ghost” starring David Harbour.

Harbour haunts a family whose ghost stories go viral in a new trailer launched Thursday by Netflix for “We Have a Ghost,” starring Anthony Mackie, Jahi Winston, Tig Notaro, Erica Ash and Jennifer Coolidge.

From writer and director Christopher Landon (”Freaky,” “Happy Death”), “We Have a Ghost” is led by Harbour as Ernest the Ghost, Anthony Mackie as the patriarch of Kevin’s family,  Erica Ash as Kevin’s mother Melanie, Niles Fitch as Kevin’s brother Fulton, Tig Notaro as Dr. Leslie Monroe and Jennifer Coolidge as Judy Romano, The West Bay Medium.

Kevin’s family is looking for a fresh start when they move into their new home, but things quickly turn creepy when they learn that it is known as the “House of Death,” and rumors circulate claiming the house is haunted.

Cut to a rocking chair in motion by itself, and Kevin (Jahi Winston) captures a video of Ernest the phantom (David Harbour) attempting to scare him. All Kevin does is laugh. Kevin’s mom, though, has a totally different reaction when Ernest scares her, but her reaction garners 3 million views on the video in six minutes. 

As the video goes viral once he posts it on social media, Kevin’s family starts to receive all kinds of attention from neighbors and beyond, but the CIA gets involved when Kevin and Ernest decide to investigate the mystery of Ernest’s past.

Tig Notaro’s Dr. Leslie Monroe makes it her mission to apprehend the ghost, while Judy Romano wants to encounter Ernest for publicity purposes. Once it’s decided that Kevin and Joy (Isabella Russo) will help Ernest uncover the secrets of his past, a fun supernatural sequence of Harbour running through walls and interfering with coffee, a tattoo and more ensues.

“We Have a Ghost” arrives on Netflix Feb. 24.