‘Dead Ringers’: Rachel Weisz Takes Radical Feminism to the Extreme in Trailer for Prime Video Series (Video)

The six-episode psychological thriller debuts April 21

The first official trailer for Prime Video’s modern take on David Cronenberg’s “Dead Ringers” has arrived, with the feminist twist we’ve been craving.

As twins and gynecologists Beverly and Elliot Mantle (both played by Rachel Weisz) make it their mission to reimagine what birthing could look like for women, the twins try their hand at playing God by creating life outside of the bounds of traditional science.

“My sister and I do work that is groundbreaking but hopeful, radical but safe,” one of the twins says in the trailer for the six-episode psychological thriller series. “I want to change the way that women birth; it is world-changing … You want me to grow you a baby out of nothing, let’s make it happen.”

Though the pair set their sights on modernizing women’s health care by challenging antiquated practices, they fall into a morally gray area of medical ethics as they argue back and forth on if they’re really going to pursue practices that threaten the status quo. “That is not what we want to be doing though,” one twin insists while the other points out, “But it might be.”

It’s also clear the twins’ intimately entwined relationship extends outside of work as one sibling admits her feelings for a romantic interest while telling her sister their relationship is none of her business. “What do you mean? Everything’s my business,” the other shoots back.

“It’s impossible to explain this relationship to anyone outside of it,” one sister says, adding “I don’t need anyone else, I never have.”

Creator Alice Birch teased that “the two dangerously co-dependent twins” are “obsessed with each other” during Prime Video’s virtual trailer launch event, noting they’ve “never spent a night apart for their whole life” as the pair have always lived in the same city. 

“It’s a very intense relationship and they love each other very, very deeply,” Birch continued. “But they, I think, they kind of feel everything very deeply about each other.”

Birch serves as the creator, writer, showrunner and executive producer for the series, which, in addition to Weisz, also features Britne Oldford, Poppy Liu, Michael Chernus, Jennifer Ehle and Emily Meade.

In Cronenberg’s 1988 feature film, the twins were played by Jeremy Irons.

Weisz executive produces for Astral Projection alongside Stacy O’Neil, Sue Naegle and Sean Durkin. Co-produced by Amazon Studios and Annapurna Television, Ali Krug is the executive producer for Annapurna Television while Erica Kay, Anne Carey and Polly Stokes also serve as executive producers and James G. Robinson, David Robinson and Barbara Wall executive produce for Morgan Creek.

Durkin directed the first two episodes and co-directed the last episode of the series, with Karyn KusamaKarena Evans and Lauren Wolkstein heading up the rest of the directing team.

“Dead Ringers” premieres April 21 on Prime Video.