‘Deadpool & Wolverine’: Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Try to Kill Each Other Before Teaming Up in New Trailer | Video

Deadpool arrives in the MCU on July 26

When all is said and done, the title of biggest box office hit of 2024 may go to Marvel Studios’ “Deadpool & Wolverine,” which just inflated its already massive hype even further with a new trailer released Monday.

But just because the title is “Deadpool & Wolverine,” it doesn’t mean the two will be working well together. In fact, most of the footage shows the duo arguing and nearly killing (if each of them didn’t heal so quickly) each other. Why? Well, this Wolverine is a bit reluctant to join up with Deadpool to help save his world.

“I’m about to lose everything I’ve ever cared about,” Deadpool pleads with Wolverine.

It’s unclear how exactly that’s happening, but apparently, it’s already happened to the (possibly former, given Wade’s taunting elsewhere in the trailer) X-Man. And, by the looks of things, he couldn’t — or simply didn’t — do anything to stop it.

“This Wolverine let down his entire world,” an official says angrily.

Eventually though, the two do find a way to work together, and what follows is a series of typically bloody action scenes, including one that even looks like a version of “Mad Max,” as the two take on someone who appears to be Cassandra Nova (in the comics, a longstanding X-Men villain, who happens to be Charles Xavier’s sister).

It’s hard to say for sure what universe this will be taking place in, but at the very least, some portals that are definitely from “Doctor Strange” do appear in the trailer. There is also, at one point, what appears to be the shell of a supersized Ant-Man suit being used as some form of hideout.

Released by 20th Century Fox in 2016 and 2018, the two “Deadpool” films have combined to gross $1.56 billion at the global box office. Now, with Fox owned by Disney, Deadpool is joining the MCU with the first R-Rated film ever created by Marvel Studios.

To become the highest grossing film in the series, “Deadpool & Wolverine” needs to pass $785 million worldwide. That seems quite likely as the film will dominate the pop culture conversation in the late summer with its endless stream of fourth wall-breaking references, not to mention the promise of Hugh Jackman dressing up in the Wolverine costume from the classic “X-Men” cartoon, which was revived on Disney+ to critical acclaim.

“Deadpool & Wolverine” hits theaters July 26. Watch the trailer above.


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  1. R Watson Avatar
    R Watson

    I hate that I know this but the villain is Charles Xavier’s sister Cassandra.

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