Demand for ‘1899’ Keeps Rising Despite Being Canceled by Netflix | Chart

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Meanwhile, “Wednesday” is still holding on to No. 1 on the most in-demand new shows list

1899 Netflix
Demand for "1899" jumped by 55% the week after Netflix canceled it.

In this weekly data series powered by Parrot Analytics we look at the top breakout shows of the past week. Breakout shows are the most in-demand series that have premiered in the past 100 days.

When Netflix announced its decision to cancel “1899” last week, fans and viewers were left confused by the decision and the platform’s reasoning. Demand for the series has tracked higher than the first two seasons of “Dark,” another German show by the same creators which was Netflix’s best performing German language series yet.

Following the cancellation announcement, not only has there been an expected jump in social activity, but we have also measured an increase in consumption/viewership, with demand for “1899” jumping by 55%.