Discovery Sets New Docuseries ‘Expedition From Hell: The Lost Tapes’ for May | Exclusive

Watch the teaser for the limited series about a doomed expedition through the Amazon

Discovery is preparing to go where few have gone before with its upcoming docuseries, “Expedition From Hell: The Lost Tapes,” TheWrap can exclusively reveal.

“Expedition From Hell” premieres on Discovery Channel and Max on May 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with a two-hour premiere.

The limited series uses over 700 hours of archival footage to tell the story of Mickey Grosman, a former special forces demolitions expert who took a group of amateur adventurers across South America. The journey was supposed to be a charity trek for cancer as participants traveled 5,000 miles across the continent, exploring the deepest parts of the Amazon jungle. The only problem is only one person claims to have made it to the journey’s end — Grosman.

The series shows the perils and ineptitudes that turned this charity trek into a battle for survival. The doomed expedition involved “kidnapping, prison escapes and a missing person,” according to a press release for the series. “Expedition From Hell” promises to shock even those who were beside Grosman in this doomed adventure.

The first promo for the series starts with an interview with a man who went on the expedition being asked what he wished he was told before he went. “I wished they would have told me about Mickey Grosman,” he says, laughing.

“I think he’s trying to make it about him,” another participant says. “Not just the Amazon, but can you survive Mickey?” The teaser then cuts between footage of Grosman yelling at the travelers, someone falling through a bridge and another explorer trapped in the rapids of a river. Watch the teaser above.

“Pulled from hundreds of hours of footage, every episode of this compelling docuseries includes terrifying obstacles endured by those who chose to join the expedition,” Howard Lee, president of Discovery Networks, said in a press release. “As we dug deeper to understand the motives behind those who took part in this doomed adventure, even we were surprised by what we saw.”

The docuseries is produced for Warner Bros. Discovery by Sony Pictures Television’s The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC) in association with Wrigley Media.


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