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Does ‘The Forever Purge’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Does the politically-minded action-horror sequel have anything else to say after the credits start rolling?

It’s a testament to how great the premise of “The Purge” was — all crime being legal for one night a year — that what was essentially a home invasion thriller ended up spawning a five-movie horror-action franchise and a TV show. Now we’re at “The Forever Purge,” possibly the end of the series. Possibly.

The “Purge” series doesn’t operate like most other notable movie franchises these days — this series is more of an anthology, telling stories that aren’t related with very few characters popping up in multiple stories. Heck, even the two seasons of the TV show aren’t related aside from sharing that cool premise.

But “The Purge” is a very political series, and “The Forever Purge” might be the most political of the bunch. It’s not a subtle movie, delivering its comment about present day America very plainly right up to the beginning of the credits. But is there perhaps something else that series creator James DeMonaco wants to say in a bonus scene during or after the credits?

Nope. There’s nothing like that in “The Forever Purge.” When the credits roll, the movie is done, and there’s no further “Purge” story content to be had. But if you’re not in a rush to get to the bathroom, it’s always a good idea to stick around for the credits as a small way to show some symbolic appreciation for all those folks who made this movie happen.

As for the future of the “Purge” franchise, this really could be the end of the line. Back in 2018, after the release of “The First Purge,” DeMonaco talked about how the next movie — now “The Forever Purge” — would be the ending for the series. And the movie itself definitely has the feel of an ending. There’s no status quo to return to after this one.

But the marketing for the film hasn’t been selling it as the ending, and DeMonaco recently told Entertainment Weekly that while he had planned for this to be the end, he had just a couple months ago come up with what he thinks is a great sequel idea that he’s been working out.

So don’t count out “The Purge” just yet.