Dolly Parton Congratulates Beyoncé on Billboard Hot Country Number 1 Single: ‘Can’t Wait to Hear the Full Album!’

This week the singer became the first Black woman to hit that milestone with her song “Texas Hold ‘Em”

Sam Hodde/Getty Images for ABA

Dolly Parton is a member of the Beyhive and she’s thrilled that the Queen has encroached upon her musical territory.

The country music legend told her Instagram followers in a post on Thursday, “I’m a big fan of Beyoncé and very excited that she’s done a country album. So congratulations on your Billboard Hot Country number one single. Can’t wait to hear the full album!”

Beyoncé’s newest song, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” debuted at number one on the Hot Country Songs chart on Tuesday. The singer is the first Black woman to debut at the top of the chart, and only the second woman to do so at all. She announced the new song during the Super Bowl on Feb. 11.

Fans and brands alike were thrilled by Parton’s statement. The account for Upworthy commented, ” Dolly Beyoncé collab maybe? Just a thought ♥️👑.” Old Navy’s Instagram account also chimed in, “… and that’s mothering ❤️.”

In 2022, Parton told then-host of “The Daily Show” Trevor Noah that she hoped Beyoncé would one day cover her song “Jolene.” She explained, “I don’t know if she’s even got the message, but wouldn’t that be killer? I think she’s fantastic and beautiful and I love her music.”

“I would just love to hear ‘Jolene’ done in just a big way, kind of like how Whitney did my ‘I Will Always Love You.’ Someone that can take my little songs and make ’em like powerhouses. So, that would be a marvelous day in my life if she ever does do ‘Jolene,’” Parton added.

The Houston, Texas-born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is no stranger to country music. In November 2016, she invited The Chicks to perform her song “Daddy Lessons” at the Country Music Awards, a move that rattled the awards ceremony and many country music fans (despite the long relationship Black people in the United States have had with the genre). Veteran country performer Alan Jackson walked out of the ceremony entirely.

Though some have been quick to point out that debuting at number 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart isn’t the same as having the number 1 song country music fans are listening to, Columbia Records is promoting the song to country stations, and 75 of 157 of those stations are playing it. The song debuted at number 54 on the Country Airplay chart.


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