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Luke Evans Is the Real Batman in First ‘Dracula Untold’ Trailer (Video)

Luke Evans plays a prince who is just trying to protect his family

“Dracula” didn’t do so well for NBC on TV, but Universal is still hoping it can reboot the franchise on the big screen with “Dracula Untold” — an origin story starring Luke Evans as one of the biggest, baddest villains of all time.

The first trailer (above), however, focuses on Vlad the Impaler’s time as a good man who loved his wife and son so much that he climbed a mountain to ask some creepy dude in a cave for the power to destroy his enemies.

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Unfortunately for his family, it looks like the darkness he embraces might destroy his humanity, too.

That being said, he learns how to control an army of bats, so losing a few family members is totally worth it.

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“Dracula Untold” hits theaters on Oct. 17.