Elon Musk Promoted the Matt Walsh Transgenderism Doc ‘What Is a Woman’ After Twitter Originally Restricted It

The Daily Wire film has gone from being ostracized by Twitter to promoted by its CEO

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Twitter (Credit: Getty Images)

The Daily Wire transgenderism documentary “What Is a Woman?” presented by Matt Walsh and directed by Justin Folk was set for a large Twitter promo before it was abruptly canceled following Twitter’s internal review claiming it violated community guidelines. Shortly thereafter, the CEO of Twitter himself, Elon Musk, intervened to not only reverse Twitter’s stance but promote the film firsthand on his own profile.

“Every parent should watch this,” Musk wrote, sharing Walsh’s documentary in a tweet that is currently pinned to his profile. As one might expect with anything regarding Musk or the transgenderism debate, conflict erupted in the reply section.

“Culture war has gone nuclear. Awesome,” one user replied.

Another user accused Elon Musk of right-wing indoctrination. Said user was then accused of being a “groomer” by other Twitter tweeters.

“I still don’t understand why the feelings and concerns of transgenders trump the feelings and concerns of women in spaces where women want privacy and to feel safe,” said one user. That tweet was met with numerous replies arguing that the user’s opinion removed trans women’s voices from the equation.

“So why don’t we protect them from so many of the other harmful things that parents might do to their kids?” another user asked Musk. “Why specifically pick on gender based things and ignore all the other harmful stuff out there?”

“I’m confused as to why the question, ‘What is a woman?’ is being explored in a documentary by a person claiming masculine gender pronouns?” one user wrote, wondering whether Walsh’s question would be better served were it a person with she/her pronouns exploring the topic.

Other users opted to reply to Musk’s post with incendiary memes, boiling the transgenderism debate down to a parody of a Jeopardy question.

Some people even zoomed out from the main debate to attack Musk’s broad statement about people being entitled to do whatever makes them happy, so long as it doesn’t harm others.

“Consenting adults should not do whatever makes them happy Elon,” a user wrote. “There is a thing called objective morality which the world needs now more than ever.”

Certain folks flat-out rejected the very concept of watching a 90-minute documentary, regardless of its contents. “Bro can you give me a recap?” a user asked.

Musk has made it clear he’ll say what he wants to say and will take the consequences on the chin. Consequences include advertisers leaving the platform, such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, who decried Musk’s recent behavior and stated B&J would no longer be spending on Twitter ads. Whether the site’s new, incoming CEO, Linda Yaccarino, will manage to win advertisers back remains to be seen.

Between the aforementioned Daily Wire promo by Musk and Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show, there’s mounting evidence for the claim that Twitter is adopting a more conservative-leaning stance than it has in pre-Musk years.