Latest From Sun Valley: Elon Musk Sidesteps Questions About Twitter Deal

The Tesla CEO instead focused on SpaceX’s Mars ambitions during his panel

Elon Musk wasn’t interested in discussing his most recent bombshell while addressing attendees at the Sun Valley Media Conference Saturday morning, just a day after he announced that he’s halting his planned $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. Musk sidestepped questions about the hot Twitter mess while being interviewed in the marquee address, according to Bloomberg.

“Musk dodged questions on Twitter at Sun Valley,” Bloomberg reporter Sonali Basak tweeted. Instead of discussing the digital media deal that now looks dead in the water pending legal action from Twitter, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO spoke “heavily on life on Mars as ‘civilization life insurance.'” Musk said earlier this year that he’s aiming for a human landing on the planet by 2029.

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Brandon Katz

Brandon Katz is TheWrap's Senior TV Reporter. He has served as a reporter, commentator and contributor at several publications, including Morning Brew, Observer, and Forbes. He has a BA in Electronic Journalism from GMU. Follow him on Twitter: @Great_Katzby