How Elon Musk Can Pull Off a Hostile Takeover of Twitter | Analysis

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The “Technoking” will look to buy more shares of the company to gain controlling interest — and that can be done in a few ways

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Photo illustration by TheWrap (Getty Images)

Now that Elon Musk is no longer joining Twitter’s board, it’s possible that the billionaire rabble-rouser is plotting to gain even more control over the social media platform and perhaps even mount a hostile takeover.

Musk’s endgame? He may be planning to buy enough of Twitter’s shares to reach a 50.1% stake, so that he would have controlling interest in the company. Not only would he be able to shape the platform’s direction, from specific features to its content moderation policies but the “Tesla Technoking” also stands to make a significant return on this investment. Getting to 50.1% can be done in a few ways.