Emma Stone Remembers the Painful Result of Seeing David Blaine Do Magic: ‘I Broke My F—king Shoulder’

“I got so excited that I ran — ‘I can’t stand it!’ — because I’m such a big fan of magic, and I ran. And I was wearing these heeled boots and I slipped,” the “Poor Things” star says

Stunt work is apparently not in Emma Stone’s near future. In fact, according to the “Poor Things” star, she can’t even open the refrigerator without hurting herself.

In 2020, Stone had a black eye for her wedding day after getting in the way of her refrigerator handle. Even worse, earlier this month Stone broke her toe getting out of the shower, she said.

But the coup de grâce may have come in 2019, when Stone broke her shoulder as she ran in amazement of David Blaine’s magic.

Stone humbly and humorously detailed her pratfalls this week in an interview with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett for their “Smartless” podcast.

She said she was at a party before a Spice Girls concert at which she finally met Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton — for whom she named herself after after a Screen Actors Guild membership card kerfuffle — when Blaine put on a show for those in attendance.

“He did just an astounding trick,” Stone said. “He did this card trick and then it was this whole thing. It was an illusion, if you will.

“And he pulled up his phone and the card was reflected in the picture on someone’s phone, you know, in the glasses on someone’s boat,” Stone went on, jokingly. “It was this crazy thing, and I got so excited — now this is a tale as old as time because I’m about to tell you a story from yesterday, as well — I got so excited that I ran — ‘I can’t stand it!’ — because I’m such a big fan of magic, and I ran. And I was wearing these heeled boots and I slipped on these wood floors. It was the night before the Spice Girls concert — slipped, my arm went back out behind me, and I broke my f–king shoulder.”

Stone said the next day, she was scheduled to attend the concert and that “there was no way” she was missing the show. So she went in a sling before even getting an X-ray.

“And I was in so much pain that actually meeting the Spice Girls under those circumstances was probably better so I couldn’t do that in front of them instead,” she said, of freaking out and breaking her shoulder.

Arnett suggested her excitement was tempered by the pain she was in.

“Oh my god, it was so brutal,” Stone said, adding her shoulder was broken in two places.

Stone then revealed that two days before the podcast taping she broke her toe getting out of the shower.

“I slammed into something and now it’s completely black and blue and all messed up so I’ve been icing it all day,” Stone said.

But that’s not all. Stone also said a helmet and “extensive therapy” could be in order thanks to having a black eye when getting married to now-husband Dave McCrary in a low-key ceremony during the COVID pandemic. Stone said she had been opening her refrigerator when the handle popped her in the face.

Listen to the full podcast interview with Stone here via Apple or at the top of this post via YouTube.


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