From Mega Deals to Meta Fails: 10 Entertainment, Media and Tech Predictions for 2023 | PRO Insight

As the economy forces everyone to tighten their belts, here’s what we may be facing next year in Hollywood and technology

2023 tech predictions
What lies ahead for entertainment, tech and media in 2023? (Getty Images

‘Tis the season for 2023 predictions! Let me be amongst the first. Here are my annual 10 predictions for the worlds of media, entertainment and tech. 

1. Hollywood mega deals march on.

Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery, Universal Studios. One or more of these storied studios will be bought by significantly bigger tech-infused fish backed by hundreds of billions of dollars of cash. Amazon’s acquisition of MGM may be the first. But it certainly won’t be the last. SoCal Hollywood continues to swim northward to Silicon Valley, the home of new media. Storied franchise content is what these tech-first behemoths need.