Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake Returns in Explosive ‘Extraction 2’ Sneak Peak (Video)

The sequel of the action film will arrive in 2023

Chris Hemsworth returns as black market mercenary Tyler Rake in the sequel to his action hit “Extraction” at Netflix, and on Saturday, the streamer dropped a behind-the-scenes featurette that hints the follow-up might be just as violent and intense as the original.

Watch the video above.

The sequel doesn’t have a release date just yet, but the end of the featurette teases the film is coming in 2023.

The original’s director, Sam Hargrave, is also back on board for “Extraction 2,” looking to top himself after delivering an impressive 11-minute unbroken take in the first film.

The featurette calls the take “the oner” and teases an even bigger shot in the sequel

“For ‘Extraction 1’ we had a major action sequence that felt like one continuous shot — we call that a ‘oner,’” Hargrave said in the clip. “For ‘Extraction 2,’ we’re going to push that even further with a sequence more intricate and more extreme than before.”

“We got a real helicopter landing on the rooftop of moving trains,” Hargrave added.

“Extraction” remains one of the most widely watched and successful films in Netflix’s history. The streamer revealed that the Hemsworth film topped a list of its most popular original movies, being viewed by 99 million households in its first four weeks and beating out other popular hits like “Bird Box” and “Spenser Confidential.”

“Avengers” director Joe Russo is writing the “Extraction” sequel, and both Joe and Anthony Russo are producing the film on behalf of their AGBO banner.