‘Fallout’ Star Aaron Moten Says Wearing the Power Armor Was ‘The Heaviest Thing You Can Imagine’

“It’s a really fun struggle. It’s not your typical day at work,” the actor tells TheWrap

Before joining the cast of Prime Video’s “Fallout,” stars Ella Purnell and Aaron Moten were vaguely familiar the popular Bethesda video game franchise. But they were both immediately drawn in when they received the series’ scripts and got to dig in to the complex characters of Vault dweller Lucy and Brotherhood of Steel soldier Maximus.  

“I just thought the script was hilarious and amazing. I wanted to watch it, so therefore had to be a part of it,” Purnell told TheWrap. “With Lucy, I think it was an exciting place to start as this fresh out of the vault, naive, innocent woman who has so much more to her than meets the eye. I knew she was trained, I knew she knew how to handle a gun and I knew she was tough and educated and smart. I wanted to put her in the Wasteland and see what happens. I just kind of jumped and hoped the net would catch me.”

When it came to playing Maximus, Moten said he was drawn to playing a young man struggling to find his place within the Brotherhood of Steel.

“He’s ambitious. It reminded me of that Shakespeare description of Cassius and Julius Caesar where he’s like a hungry dog, he just is always wanting of something,” he explained. “He has issues with right and wrong because he’s in a world that’s based off of survival first and it’s a harsh reality.”

One of the most exciting aspects from the “Fallout” games for Moten was acting alongside the Power Armor soldiers.

“[Jonathan Nolan’s] filmmaker language is about the practical aspects of things. So having such a monster, seven-foot-six or however tall it is, walking through a crowd of people and following in tow behind it, you see how it makes us all react,” Moten said. “It’s a real joy to work across from it, because there’s also this constant element of mystery with the suit, staring at the face of it, until you’re given some kind of voice from it. You have no idea what the person inside is thinking or what’s going on with them. It’s a constant negotiation as to how to read a sign off of it.”

Power Armor Suits in “Fallout” (Courtesy of Prime Video)

He emphasized that wearing the armor is a much different experience.

“It’s the heaviest thing you can imagine,” he said. “At first it feels really fun, but it is extremely taxing through a long shoot day… It’s a really fun struggle. It’s not your typical day at work.”

While Lucy and Maximus come from very different backgrounds, Moten points out that the pair are connected by their circumstances.  

“I think they’re both in the dark as to what is really going on and that connects them, that desire to find out what is happening,” Moten said. “[Lucy and Maximus] have such a different, 180 opinion about different things that we see or say. A lot of the comedy comes out of that, but also a lot of the tragedy and a lot of the weirdness of what growing up in the Wasteland your entire life is for Maximus, versus how strange it is to be a person who grew up in a Vault and says the things that Lucy says would be.”

Purnell said she’s “really excited” for audiences to see how Lucy and Maximus influence each other, as well as how they are influenced by The Ghoul/Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins), especially in the second half of the season. 

“They have a lot to learn from each other, and all of the lessons they learn from each other directly impact their future, the outcome, the choices that they make, which is huge,” she said. “What brings all three of the characters together as they’re looking for this artifact that has the power to radically change the power dynamics on the surface, and their reasons [to find it] might be different, but I think they have more in common than they think.”

All episodes of “Fallout” are now streaming on Prime Video.


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