Frank Grillo Slams His New Film ‘Copshop’ for Editing Out His ‘Colorful’ Performance

“As a result I’m getting a bit beat up by critics. That makes me f—ing mad,” actor says

Copshop Gerard Butler Frank Grillo
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Frank Grillo is very proud of his new movie “Copshop” and the performance he gave, but is not a fan of the film’s finished theatrical cut and the critics who panned it.

Grillo said on his Instagram that the version of “Copshop” cut his performance that he says was more “three dimensional,” “colorful” and “planned out,” but that’s not the performance audiences will end up watching. The drama opens in theaters today.

“Needless to say that’s not what ended up in the film. As a result I’m getting a bit beat up by critics. That makes me f—ing mad. But there’s not a thing i can do except smile and wave,” Grillo wrote.

Grillo stars in “Copshop” with Gerard Butler as directed by Joe Carnahan. The film tells the story of a con artist who hides out in a police station to evade an assassin, only for the assassin to show up at the precinct and get an unsuspecting rookie cop caught in the crosshairs.

The film actually has a largely positive 81% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a more modest 59 from Metacritic. But while Grillo was unhappy with the reviews, he praised Carnahan’s directing and said that in a previous version of the film, he left his performance intact.

“Unfortunately our cut was passed over for this cut. That’s fine. It happens,” Grillo said. “‘Copshop’ is a good movie and I’m very proud of what we did. But the day i take the brunt for someone else’s bulls— will be the day I quit acting. I love what i do and put my soul into every role. So when i read critics go at me for a character that was castrated by someone other then my director I take great offense.”

Grillo also signed off his note with a hashtag, “#youdontlikewhatIsaidf–off.”

Grillo earlier in the week announced on Adam Corolla’s podcast that he’d next be playing the inventor behind Lamborghini in a biopic, replacing Antonio Banderas in the role, and that he’s in Rome now filming for the part.

See Frank Grillo’s full comments via his Instagram below: