Jimmy Fallon Reacts to Giant Venomous Flying Spiders Invading the Northeast: ‘That Sentence Just Kept Getting Worse’ | Video

The NBC host jokes NYC’s rats and pigeons “have put aside their differences” to defeat the arachnids

Jimmy Fallon had some fun with his audience at the expense of the Joro-spider. The NBC host started his opening monologue by cheerfully saying, “You couldn’t have picked a better time to be in New York City.”

Wednesday night’s “The Tonight Show” then cut to a KTLA news report about the Joro-spider that said “The Northeast is bracing for an invasion of giant venomous spiders that can parachute through the air.”

Fallon gawked at the camera as his audience laughed. “That sentence just kept getting worse,” he eventually said.

The Joro-spider is native to East Asia, specifically China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. It’s believed that this species came to the United States via a shipping container. Though it is venomous, the arachnid is not deadly to humans and rarely bites them. “So if one lands on your head, just have fun with it,” Fallon joked.

The late night host then added, “Apparently if one of these spiders bites you, it’s fine. But if a guy in Times Square dressed as Spider-Man does it, you’re going to need a tetanus shot.”

Though this news is bleak, Fallon found its silver lining. “Here’s the good news about the giant venomous spiders invading New York City: The rats and pigeons have put aside their differences and will work together to defeat them,” Fallon said. “I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

The late night host referenced the spiders throughout the rest of his Wednesday monologue, introducing his segment about Boeing’s Starliner Capsule by saying, “Speaking of scary things falling from the sky.” He also joked that two of the spacecraft’s doors fell off after “a parachuting spider” landed on them.

These spiders are expected to come to the Northeast sometime in 2024. They’ve already been spotted in the Southeast with Georgia serving as “ground zero” for the creatures.


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