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Glenn Beck’s Donald Trump Joke Will Make You Lose That Craving for Cheetos (Video)

Political satire is alive and well

If your fetishes lean toward burly guys coating themselves in Cheetos, has Glenn Beck got a Donald Trump joke for you.

“What are you talking about?” you say, which is a perfectly reasonable response. On Thursday’s “Glenn Beck Program,” Beck and his cohorts decided to mock Trump’s tan by painting themselves in Cheetos dust.

That’s right, folks. With all that Trump to work with, Beck thought his best target was the GOP frontrunner’s flesh tone.

Beck opted to coat himself in original flavor, and used the “face-press” approach to Cheetos application. He looked pretty nightmarish, — like pieces of his face were crumbling — but did not, truth be told, look much like Trump.

Then there’s the added problem of this being an ad hominem attack. One of the knocks on Trump is that he attacks people’s appearance rather than making substantive arguments, and here Beck is going after him by… attacking his appearance. It’s like climbing into the mud, or in this case, the Cheetos.

Expect Beck to sharpen his political attacks in the coming days. On Friday, Trump supporters sent anti-Semitic threats to a journalist who profiled Trump’s wife, and there is nothing Beck enjoys more than comparing people to Nazis.

He’s got a lot to work with here, and won’t have to stick his face in anything.

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