Kino Lorber Nabs U.S. Distribution for Agnieszka Holland’s ‘Green Border’

The film’s critical look at Europe’s refugee crisis has drawn condemnation from government officials

Green Border
Green Border

Kino Lorber nabbed the North American distribution rights to Agnieszka Holland’s latest film, “Green Border.” The critically acclaimed film made its premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival. It concerns Europe’s refugee crisis and details the swampy forests sometimes, called “the green border,” between Belarus and Poland.

Refugees from the Middle East and Africa attempting to reach the European Union become pawns in a political crisis triggered by dictator Alexander Lukashenko. Lured to the border with false promises of easy passage, immigrants and refugees try to survive becoming geopolitical chess pieces. 

It was recently nominated for three European Film Awards including Best European Film. Kino Lorber is planning a theatrical release in 2024 with a release on home video, educational, and digital release on all major platforms will follow.  

“’Green Border’ is immersive filmmaking at its most impactful, a cinematic tour de force that has humanized the tragic plight of refugees clamoring to get into Europe for audiences at dozens of film festivals worldwide since its Venice premiere. There have been other films about the migrant crisis, but none that so viscerally captures the ground truth of what people will endure to escape untenable circumstances. I was riveted from the first moments to the last. Agnieszka Holland has delivered a cri de coeur that will resonate around the world for years to come,” said Kino Lorber SVP Wendy Lidell.

Holland directed the film in collaboration with Kamila Tarabura and Katarzyna Warzecha. Holland, Maciej Pisuk, and Gabriela Łazarkiewicz-Sieczko penned the screenplay. “Green Border” has been the subject of controversy in Holland’s native Poland. It – and its director – has been attacked by right-wing political groups and Polish government officials. The film and the filmmaker have been supported by groups like the DGA and the Federation of European Screen Directors.   

Stanisław Żaryn, the government plenipotentiary for the security of the Polish information space, accused the director of being “out of touch with reality.” He claimed that the film made “insinuations that are used to attack Poland, Poles and the government.” 

The dometic deal for “Green Border” was negotiated by Kino Lorber SVP Wendy Lidell and Julien Razafindranaly for Films Boutique. “Green Border” will be released by Modern Films in the U.K. They will back the film for the European Film Awards and the BAFTAs. 

“Agnieszka Holland has crafted an important and timely film that is simply great cinema. We are pleased to partner with Kino Lorber and Modern Films to bring ‘Green Border’ to theaters in the US and UK. They appreciate great cinema; we are in good hands,” said producer Fred Bernstein, President of Astute Films.  

Meanwhile, Kaouther Ben Hania’s Cannes-winning documentary “Four Daughters,” was selected as the Tunisian entry for the 96th Academy Awards. It was also nominated for Best Documentary at the Gotham Awards. It is now playing in theaters. Kino recently announced the launch of the subscription streaming service Kino Film Collection. It features new releases and restorations plus curated favorites from the Kino Lorber library. 

“We’re thrilled to have found the perfect partners for the US and UK releases of ‘Green Border’ in Kino Lorber and Modern Films, both leaders in independent art house distribution who champion diverse, distinctive, impactful and contemporary stories for audiences on both sides of the Atlantic,” added Mike Downey, executive producer and chair of the European Film Academy. “Richard Lorber and Eve Gabereau are award-winning distributors who count some of the greatest filmmakers in world cinema among their eclectic repertoires, and Agnieszka Holland is a name that can be added to and enhance that list.” 


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