‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Kim Raver Promises a ‘Bunch of Stuff’ With Ellen Pompeo in Season 20 Finale | Video

“Because of the writers’ strike, we have 10 episodes when we normally have 20, so they kind of jam-packed everything into it,” the actress says

Kim Raver teed up the upcoming Season 20 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” while on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Tuesday.

“There’s so much going on, it’s really exciting,” she said. “Where we are now, this season, because of the writers’ strike, we have 10 episodes when we normally have 20, so they kind of jam-packed everything into it. So Ellen [Pompeo] and I have a bunch of stuff in the last two episodes because it’s kind of coming full circle. There’s a great storyline on Teddy’s character kind of was helping her do something that maybe she shouldn’t be doing.”

Teddy (Raver) had been helping to fund Meredith’s (Pompeo) Alzheimer’s research after it was originally shut down at the beginning of the season. Teases for the final episodes hint that the pair’s secret project might be discovered.

Raver also said the final episodes deal with the wake of what happened with the interns at the end of Season 19. Season 20 kicked off with the aftermath of the interns performing solo surgery and accidentally killing a patient after Teddy collapsed in the OR. Their rash decision-making led to Bailey benching them from the OR to learn the basics before they could assist in surgeries again.

“There’s a bunch of cliffhangers,” Raver continued. “The interns, it’s full circle from the Sam Sutton case, which was at the end of last season where the interns, it’s kind of like cutting the LVAD wire, which they shouldn’t have done. So there’s a lot of — it’s really intense because there’s a lot of stuff happening that leaves on a nice cliffhanger.”

Those cliffhangers aren’t in danger of being unanswered. It was announced back at the beginning of April that the show was renewed for Season 21. The series extends its own record for longest-running primetime medical drama in TV history, which it first hit back in 2019.

“The loyalty and love of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans has propelled us into a historic 21st season, and I could not be more grateful,” creator Shonda Rhimes said in a statement. “Meg Marinis’ storytelling is a gift that continues to keep the show vibrant, compelling and alive, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for next season.”

The “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale airs Thursday, May 30, on ABC.


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