Gutfeld Stews for 10 Full Seconds of Silence as ‘9/11’ Joke About LIV/PGA Merger Bombs: ‘This Is Why We Don’t Do Golf!’ (Video)

Host Greg Gutfeld also said Democrats only hate the blockbuster golf merger “because Trump loves it”

Never make jokes about golf – or is it, never make jokes about the 9/11 terrorist attacks? As Greg Gutfeld found out on Wednesday night, it’s definitely both.

Jokes that clang on the studio audience have become a regular part of the “Gutfeld!” schtick on Fox News late night, and the namesake host dropped a doozy amid a monologue about the merger between the PGA Tour and Saudi Arabia-based LIV Golf. This time, the unwise wisecrack earned him 10 seconds of near-silence.

Gutfeld served up the blockbuster sports merger as the main topic of his opening monologue, fully aware he was out of his element. But one sequence of gags led him straight to dead-air:

“I mean, it’s Saudi Arabia,” Gutfeld began. “Does the game start making changes? Like hiding IEDs in sand traps?”

That got a short burst of nervous laughter from the live audience, and Gutfeld kept rolling:

“Are the major tournaments still going to be 72 holes?” he asked, eliciting a mild smattering of guffaws from those whom made the connection before (comedians: never do this) explaining the joke: “Think about it, do you get a virgin for each?”

Another modest roll of hesitant titters. Gutfeld persisted: “If you get a hole-in-one, do you get to meet Osama bin Laden?”

A mild laugh at that writer’s-room throwaway. Then he delivered the big thud:

“Don’t even get me started about what happens at holes nine and 11.”

That’s where the briefest outburst gave way to crickets. And as has become his signature move, Gutfeld reveled in the silence, mugging uncomfortably at the reaction to his distaste for a full 10-count.

“That’s why we don’t do golf jokes!” he said, before throwing the sopping wet blanket over to guest panelist Jamie Lissow.

“Alright, I’m going to set you up,” Gutfeld said to the actor/comedian. “I expect three, maybe four golf jokes. I would like at least one of them to hit.”

Relatively speaking, they did.

Watch the entire clip in the video above.