Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulted Me, Too (Exclusive Guest Blog)

Writer, producer and former actress Lisa Pekar breaks her silence to recount an assault in 2001, joining dozens of women who have accused the convicted mogul

Editors Note: In the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial for rape, another woman has stepped forward alleging the media mogul sexually assaulted her 22 years ago.

A ballerina and a model, Lisa Pekar moved to Los Angeles from Milwaukee in September 2000 to pursue her Hollywood dreams as a writer and possibly an actress.

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Lisa Pekar

Lisa Pekar is a writer and producer. In her teens, she was a professional ballet dancer for the Milwaukee Ballet Academy and a local model. After an injury ended her ballet career, Pekar began acting and transitioned into filmmaking under the mentorship of director F. Gary Gray. She has since written and produced several projects.