HBO Max’s Latest Show Cuts Are Making a Dent Without ‘House of the Dragon’ for Cover | Charts

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The Warner Bros. Discovery streamer needs to proceed with caution in future cuts to its catalog or find another huge hit to increase demand

house of the dragon hbo
"House of the Dragon" (HBO)

HBO Max recently announced another round of show cancellations and removals from its platform, echoing the first wave of cuts that caught fans off guard in August. At that time, a hugely successful “House of the Dragon” premiere helped make up for the loss of shows that were removed from HBO Max that month. Now that demand for that massive hit has died down, we are beginning to see the effects of these decisions impact the top level demand for HBO Max’s catalog.

The total demand for HBO Max’s catalog of shows was relatively flat from July through October. The first season of “House of the Dragon” aired episodes weekly from Aug.