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Heavy Metal Magazine Expands to Film and TV Production in Partnership With Range Media Partners

Cult science fiction publication taps Tommy Coriale to lead studio

Heavy Metal Magazine, the American science fiction and fantasy publication known for its dark, dystopian, steampunk and even explicit comic style, is looking to expand into the film and TV production space.

Heavy Metal will work with Range Media Partners to co-produce projects based on its existing IP dating back 44 years. The magazine’s Moebius-style artwork, pioneered by artist Jean Giraud, has inspired science fiction film classics like “Blade Runner,” the original “Alien” graphic novel, “Fifth Element” and, of course, its namesake, the 1981 animated cult film “Heavy Metal.”

To lead the film and TV division, Heavy Metal has tapped Tommy Coriale as its president and head of studio. Heavy Metal will continue to be led and operated by CEO Matthew Medney and “chief creative overlord” and publisher David Erwin. 

Coriale is the former head of DIGA Studios (“Scream,” “Teen Wolf”) and has worked across all mediums and genres as an executive producer for both DIGA’s and Heavy Metal’s slates for scripted, unscripted, podcasting and publishing.

“I am still pinching myself that Heavy Metal is the brand I get to help shepherd off the page,” Coriale said in a statement. “Joining forces with Matt and David is a dream come true, and now with Range by our side as both partners and facilitators we are poised to make history. Our message to our fans and to Hollywood is one in the same — buckle the f— up, Heavy Metal has arrived.”

“Heavy Metal is one of those moments in time that if presented with, one has to build an army to realize its full potential. There are no better generals I could have imagined acquiring than Peter Micelli, Michael Cooper, Dave Bugliari and the entire Range Media family,” Medney said in a statement. “And with Tommy Coriale joining my inner circle, we have the pieces in place to launch an all out assault on reshaping and redefining how genre stories are told on the screen.”

“Unlike the other publishers of fiction, Heavy Metal is a destination brand recognized for cutting edge and inventive stories within the sci-fi, fantasy and horror space,” Erwin added. “It has influenced many of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers over the years, and we’ll continue to be a prime source of inspiration by continuing to deliver our brand promise of great stories and art, as well as maintaining its rock-n-roll attitude of making your parents a bit uncomfortable.”

“Heavy Metal is an institution. They are a treasure chest of brilliant art and stories and creativity. We are honored to build with them and translate their masterworks into other mediums. Their team is incredible and we are proud to partner with them,” Michael Cooper of Range Media Partners said in a statement.  

Medney is the co-founder and CEO of Herø Projects, and he’s written works such as the sci-fi novel “Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance” and the graphic novel Dark Wing.” He’s also written the comic books “The Red” and the upcoming “The Adventures of Adrienne James,” which he describes as a “female Indiana Jones — in space.”

Erwin is responsible for all creative strategies and franchise building within the Heavy Metal brand. Prior to joining Heavy Metal, he was creative lead on Hasbro’s Transformers brand, which included additional boys’ properties like Micronauts and ROM. Before that, he served as executive creative director of DC Comics for 16 years, building out its portfolio of brands with a specific focus of shepherding its premier properties such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and more.