‘Highlander’ Remake Will Use Queen Songs From the Original Movie, Director Chad Stahelski Says

It’s a kind of magic


One of the more iconic elements of “Highlander,” the high-concept fantasy adventure from 1986 that went on to spawn a long-running franchise, is the movie’s songs, written and performed by Queen. And Chad Stahelski, who will be directing the remake for Lionsgate, says that those songs will return for the new movie.

“Yes,” Stahelski told TheWrap while talking about the Oscar chances for “John Wick: Chapter 4.” “Probably in a different way than you think, but hardcore yes.”

Queen wrote and recorded songs for the original “Highlander” and released an album, “A Kind of Magic,” in 1986 that served as an official soundtrack to the movie. (Only one song, a Queen recording of “Theme from New York, New York,” didn’t make the cut and has never been officially released.)

The songs were perfect for the movie, which depicted a battle between immortal beings known as Highlanders in modern day Manhattan. Instead of Scottish moors, they battle in underground parking garages. That kind of thing. Queen’s songs were wedged in among Michael Kamen’s original score and became part of the tapestry, mixing ancient mythology and high camp, ingeniously designed by Australian filmmaker Russell Mulcahy.

While the movie failed to make money, it was popular enough to justify a bonkers sequel from Mulcahy (1991’s genuinely unhinged “Highlander II: The Quickening”), a long-running syndicated television series and several more sequels of varying quality.

“We’re trying to encapsulate everything you loved about the original with more – meaning we want to ground it, we want it to be a great chance at world-building and mythology. But we still want to keep it fun,” Stahelski said. “It’s like the ‘Wick’ movies. You want to experience this world, you want to believe it’s real. But it’s also five degrees off from reality. This is a movie with immortals running around chopping each others’ heads off. There’s a certain ridiculousness to it. It’s like the ‘Wick’s. We ride the tone. Everybody in the movie thinks its real. But we as an audience can get our heads around it – look, suspend disbelief. We’re trying to get you on board for this amazing journey with people who have lived hundreds of years. It’s a challenge. But I’m very excited.”

Recent reports have suggested that the movie will shoot next year, with Henry Cavill in the role made famous (immortalized, some might say) by a then-largely unknown Christopher Lambert. Who wants to live forever?


25 responses to “‘Highlander’ Remake Will Use Queen Songs From the Original Movie, Director Chad Stahelski Says”

  1. Robert Hassler Avatar
    Robert Hassler

    They need to reuse the entire soundtrack. It would be amazing to see & hear a duet with Freddy and Adam Lambert on Who Wants to Live Forever bringing the original line up of Queen (M,M,T &D) and the original movie into this new reimagined version. I hope they also fill in a lot of the plot holes that were in the original with the plot holes of the T.V. Series and add where Conner and Duncan met, etc and blend them into one unified story. I mean come on, seriously… Conner wins the prize and then loses his head to Duncan to stop Jacob Kel?!? Who writes that kinda shit?!?!  All the immortals do not magically come back to life after the Highlander 2: The Quickening , when Conner brings back Ramirez using their quickening link on Zeist (what a crock of shit Zeist was was as an origin point for all the immortals being sent to Earth.) You could also expand the soundtrack with New songs by Queen and add other artists (Metallica (Ride the Lightning or One) Motley Crue Kickstart My Heart)  Def Leppard and or others.))

    1. Barry Hicks Avatar
      Barry Hicks

      The Queen songs need to be as they were in the original movie, Adam Lambert has been riding Freddie’s coat tails for far too long 

  2. Robert Hassler Avatar
    Robert Hassler

    There are a lot of lesser known bands that would also fit with the soundtrack, keeping it predominantly Queen, but bands that come to mind would be like Halestorm (Lucy Hale and Adam Lambert, now that’s a kind of Magic), Godsmack, Lilac… I could keep going but the soundtrack can only be what, 18 to 20 tracks…

  3. Dream Seal Avatar
    Dream Seal

    “which depicted a battle between immortal beings known as Highlanders”

    No it doesn’t.

    What rubbish journalism is this?


    1. M. I. C. Avatar
      M. I. C.

      Gimme the Prize
      Prince’s of the Universe (main theme song) of which has an expert of the movie audio in one of the interludes
      Your uneducated comment is rubbish.

    2. Jim Avatar

      Exactly what I just said to my wife. It would very nice if these reporters actually watched what they report about before making complete fools of themselves.

  4. Ventrue1830 Avatar

    They’re Immortals. The film is called Highlander, because the main character, Connor MacLeod, is from the Highlands of Scotland….HE’S a Highlander. JFC 🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. Frank D Avatar
    Frank D

    There was only one highlander. The battles were between him and the other immortals. Do your research before you put pen to paper . TBH I have reservations for this picture the original film for me can only be the one , pun intended . I thought the other films went off and didn’t make it back although 3 was OK. As regards to the TV
    series well say no more .
    Lots of money to be made on this if its done right however go woke on this classic and it will bomb ….

  6. Bob Avatar

    To me Henry Cavill is the wrong choice. But I may still watch anyway.

    1. julie yates Avatar
      julie yates

      agree 100%

    2. Ann Doneley Avatar
      Ann Doneley

      Totally agree

  7. caroline sycamore Avatar
    caroline sycamore

    i really loved the highlander with Christopher Lambert and loved the sound track which was queen i have watched all the high lander films

    1. maggy Avatar

      loved the film but mot lambert not my idea of a highlander sorry

    2. BigD Avatar

      Keep it based on religious mysticism with no defined explanation. Keep the alien idiocy of the sequels completely out of this remake please.

  8. maggy Avatar

    Never really liked lambert as a highlanderh think caville will be good in it

  9. maggy Avatar

    loved the film but mot lambert not my idea of a highlander sorry

  10. Suzanne Dickson Avatar
    Suzanne Dickson

    Huge fan of Highlander. If Queen soundtrack stays and Henry Cavill of The Witcher, The Tudors, Count of Monte Cristo (younger),etc. will be starring, I will definitely be there.

  11. Phil Avatar

    This needs to be thought out. The problem with the first film is it was made as a standalone film. Fight till the last one! Sequels are kinda hard, hence the crap we got for 2!
    I think it needs to be a new actor. Cavil would be good, maybe the cartoon idea would be good. Post-apocalyptic, given wars at the moment and the state of our environment, immortals  have a truce to rebuild the world, but a few want to rule! Maybe one was on a trapped like 3 or dies in space and revives on crashing back to earth, and has to figure out what happened!

  12. Phil Avatar

    I was a big fan of both Highlander and Queen when I was young. People can still stream the series and movies…maybe some works should not be remade.

    1. Luther Wills-Dudich Avatar
      Luther Wills-Dudich

      Just Say No to Planet Zeist. 😃

  13. Cameron Bradley Avatar
    Cameron Bradley

    Highlander 2 sucked. That was nearly 30 years ago. Remakes have ruined all franchises. Highlander is a film ageing like fine wine. This remake will cork the whole thing. Crazy Little Thing Called DON’T ! ! !

  14. Dennis Hotston Avatar
    Dennis Hotston

    I hope Adrian Paul is cast in Sean Connery’s role…

  15. Laurie Donaldson Avatar
    Laurie Donaldson

    I loved the original, in part for its cheesiness. I still get a chuckle out of a Scotsman with a French accent and a Spaniard with a Scottish accent.


  16. Denise Avatar

    That is indeed very happy news. Queen’s songs were, and are, the best fitting. That album is fantastic, and the epic “Who Wants To Live Forever” is one of a kind. I grew up listening to Queen. Freddie was one of a few “teachers” to me who woke up my love for art, music, and entertainment. His passion for his music, audible in his singing and visible in his performance, was inspiring. I loved the movie Highlander and the storyline, but I also enjoyed the later series. Remakes are often a big gamble, but I am looking forward to seeing what they create. I understand the passion to want to be a part of something that has grown some roots within you. So, if they need another lassie as an extra, or someone to make copious amounts of tea, I’m available.

  17. Lou Stea Avatar
    Lou Stea

    Tom Hiddleston As the main Scotsman! 

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