How Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino Proved the AMC Ape-Investor Army Wrong

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The movie theater chain transformed into a high-flying meme stock with a cult following, which ramped up attacks on the financial journalist

Charlie Gasparino vs AMC APEs 2
Charlie Gasparino has been taking on the AMC APEs for three years. (Getty Images, Fox News, AMC)

Fox Business reporter Charlie Gasparino, who has been in a heated Twitter war for nearly two years with AMC Entertainment investors, just won a major battle.

The former Wall Street Journal and veteran television journalist has been warning the movie theater chain’s executive suite is leading the company into a disaster. AMC’s latest move — a plan announced Monday to flood the market with 425 million new Preferred Equity Units — only bolsters Gasparino’s argument that common shareholders were about to get walloped.

His opponents are the Apes — retail investor fanboys who keep blindly beating their chests that the company’s stock is “going to the moon.”