How the ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie Rights Slipped Away From MGM (Exclusive)

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The studio lost the property after a May 1 deadline to start cameras rolling came and went

Alicia Vikander in 2018's "Tomb Raider." (MGM)

Studios cling to their intellectual properties with an iron grip. So how in the world did MGM lose the rights to the video game franchise “Tomb Raider,” as TheWrap exclusively reported last week, just as the studio was changing hands to their new owners at Amazon?

MGM had a May 1 deadline for when principal photography needed to begin on a “Tomb Raider” sequel, according to the deal signed by the studio in 2013. But insiders who spoke to TheWrap cited a large production budget on the latest version of writer-director Misha Green’s script that delayed plans, along with disagreements over the script between the star, Alicia Vikander, and Green.