How to Watch ‘Along for the Ride’: Where Is the Sarah Dessen Adaptation Streaming?

Rom-com summer is just around the corner


Sarah Dessen fans — the wait is finally over! Over 10 years after publication, “Along for the Ride” has been adapted into a movie. The book came out in 2009, and it has been adapted and directed for the screen by experienced writer Sofia Alvarez, who also wrote the screenplays for the first two “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” films.

“Along for the Ride” is the latest in a long line of romantic comedy book to screen adaptations, especially for Netflix. With a small beach town setting, the Fourth of July and college on the horizon, this film has the perfect recipe for a good summer story.

Originally slotted to release April 22, the movie is finally here. Here are all the other details on how to watch it:

When Does “Along for the Ride” Premiere?

“Along for the Ride” premieres Friday, May 6.

Where Is “Along for the Ride” Streaming?

“Along for the Ride” will be streaming exclusively on Netflix.

Who Is in the “Along for the Ride” Cast?

Emma Pasarow stars as Auden West. Belmont Cameli co-stars as Eli. Dermot Mulroney plays Auden’s father, and Kate Bosworth plays his new wife, Heidi. Andie MacDowell plays Auden’s mother. Genevieve Hannelius plays Leah, Laura Kariuki plays Maggie, and Samia Finnerty rounds out Auden’s trio of new friends as Esther. Ricardo Hurtado plays Jake, the flirty schmoozer who somehow is always around.

What Is “Along for the Ride” About?

After her parents divorced when she was younger, Auden mostly stuck to herself, getting great grades in school while living with her mom, a college professor. After high school graduation though, she decides to change things up and go spend the summer with her dad and her stepmom Heidi, who live in the small beach town of Colby with their newborn daughter Thisbe. While trying to make friends and fit into her dad’s new family, Auden meets Eli, another quiet and mysterious insomniac who soon befriends her. Auden also works in her stepmom’s store Clementine’s and slowly grows close with the girls that work there. She grows a lot along the way, and helps others in her life do the same.