How to Watch ‘Marry Me’: Where Is the Jennifer Lopez Rom-Com Streaming?

The new film hits just in time for your Valentine’s Day weekend

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Spontaneity seems to go hand in hand with meet cutes, but not necessarily weddings. Except in the case of “Marry Me,” which finds Jennifer Lopez playing a popular music artist who marries a random fan (played by Owen Wilson) on the spot when she discovers her fiancé cheated on her. That’s the premise of this old-fashioned romantic comedy, which then finds Lopez and Wilson’s characters essentially meeting one another after getting married.

Originally slated for release May 14, 2021, “Marry Me” targets themes of family, love and commitment, and boasts new original songs by music artists Jennifer Lopez and Maluma.

But for those wondering how to watch “Marry Me,” especially for Valentine’s Day weekend, we’ve got all your answers below.

When Does “Marry Me” Come Out?

“Marry Me” debuts Friday, Feb. 11.

Is “Marry Me” Streaming or in Theaters?

“Marry Me” is being released both in theaters and on streaming the same day. You can choose to watch it in a theater, or if you want to stay home it’s streaming exclusively on Peacock with the Peacock Premium plan.

Subscriptions for Peacock Premium are $4.99 a month, or you can get a yearly subscription for $49.99 a year.

What Is “Marry Me” About?

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Superstar power couple Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma) have fallen for each other, capturing millions of fans’ hearts in the process. Their big wedding day will be shared with those fans as the duo is due to perform their new hit single “Marry Me” and then exchange vows in front of a combined physical and social media audience of 20 million people. But when a video of Bastian cheating on Kat with her assistant leaks just before she goes on stage, Kat takes things into her own hands and decides to marry an audience member spur of the moment.

That audience member is Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), math teacher and single dad who was dragged to the concert by his friend and coworker Parker Debbs (Sarah Silverman) along with his daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman). Charlie goes along with the wedding, helping Kat out in her moment of need, and the two then develop a close bond as they play the marriage out and actually get to know each other. Of course Bastian comes back into the mix to try and fight for Kat, and her manager Collin Calloway (John Bradley) and publicist (Michelle Buteau) attempt to do damage control throughout the film.

Who Is in the “Marry Me” Cast?

Jennifer Lopez stars as main character Kat Valdez. Maluma stars as Bastian. Owen Wilson brings his sunshine into the film as wholesome Charlie Gilbert. Sarah Silverman plays comedic sidekick to Wilson as his coworker counselor at their school, Parker Debbs. Chloe Coleman plays Lou Gilbert, Charlie’s daughter with his ex-wife. John Bradley plays sympathetic manager to Kat Valdez, and Michelle Buteau keeps it real as her sassy publicist. Jimmy Fallon and Hoda Kotb appear as themselves in the brutal media cycle that is constantly following Kat Valdez, and Utkarsh Ambudkar plays Coach Manny. 

What Other Jennifer Lopez Movies Are Streaming?

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The thriller “Enough” is also streaming on Peacock as well as FuboTV.

“Maid in Manhattan” can be found on HBO Max, Hoopla, DirecTV, TBS, TNT and TruTV with subscriptions.

Lopez voices Shira (Diego’s love interest) in “Ice Age: Continental Drift” and “Ice Age: Collision Course” which can be streamed on Disney+.

“Hustlers,” one of J. Lo’s more recent roles, is available to stream on Hulu.

“Anaconda,” one of Lopez’s earliest roles, is streaming on Netflix.

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And the infamous “Gigli” is streaming on HBO Max.