How to Watch ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ on Streaming

Time to kick the tires and light the fires

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Kick the tires and light the fires – “Top Gun 2” has arrived. After years of development and then release date delays, “Top Gun: Maverick” is finally out — and after an extended theatrical run, it’s finally available to stream on Dec. 22 — fulfilling a long-promised dream from Tom Cruise who was determined to reprise the character that catapulted him to superstardom. The late Tony Scott sadly is not in the director’s chair this time around, but Cruise is working with some familiar faces – his “Oblivion” filmmaker Joseph Kosinski directs, while his “Mission: Impossible” and “Jack Reacher” cohort Christopher McQuarrie is co-writer and producer.

The sequel is not just one of the highest-grossing films of the year but of all time, but what exactly are the viewing options? Here’s how to watch “Top Gun: Maverick”

Is “Top Gun: Maverick” in Theaters or Streaming?

“Top Gun: Maverick” was released exclusively in theaters – including Imax theaters – on May 27. It’s still playing in some theaters months after release, but as of Aug. 23 “Top Gun: Maverick” is now available to rent or own on Digital with over 110 minutes of bonus content.

“Top Gun: Maverick” will also be released on 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on Nov. 1.

Where Is “Top Gun: Maverick” Streaming?

“Maverick” is streaming on Paramount+ as of Dec. 22, just in time for Christmas!

What Is “Top Gun: Maverick” About?

The sequel picks up in real-time, decades after the events of the first film in which Cruise’s Maverick is enlisted to train a new group of young pilots. Ever the hot shot, Maverick still ruffles plenty of feathers, and rubs shoulders with some familiar faces from back in the day.

Who’s in the “Top Gun: Maverick” Cast?

Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer return as Maverick and Iceman, while Jennifer Connelly plays an old flame from Maverick’s past.

The ensemble also includes Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Monica Barbaro, Charles Parnell, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez, Greg Tarzan Davis and Manny Jacinto.

Where Is “Top Gun” Streaming?

You can also stream the original “Top Gun” on Paramount+.

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