How YouTube Is Winning the Fight for Content Creators | Charts

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WrapPRO Special Report: Partner incentives have helped boost ad revenue past $28 billion, making it a dominant player in the creator business


YouTube is coming out on top as more media companies battle for creators.

By working directly with creators and sharing ad revenue over the last 14 years, YouTube has created a successful model that allows any creator to make a living — and then some, for those making millions of dollars — just by being a YouTuber. Ultimately, this has significantly propelled YouTube’s ad business and helped it expand into other areas, such as live streaming and commerce.

“Revenue sharing programs are successful, because they’re gamifying the compensation of creators,” Flynn Zaiger, CEO of digital marketing agency Online Optimism, told TheWrap. “By paying creators over half of the ad revenue earned from their content, YouTube helps to retain creators longer.