James Corden’s ‘Late Late Night’ Crew Begs Seth Meyers to Hire Them on Brink of Finale: ‘Available as Soon as Tomorrow’ (Video)

Weeks ahead of “The Last Last Late Late Show,” staff members interrupted James Corden’s interview with Seth Meyers to ask for a job.

With “The Late Late Show With James Corden” coming to an end, crew members took advantage of Corden’s interview with “Late Night” host Seth Meyers to ask for a job.

On Monday night, the routine interview between these two late night colleagues was interrupted by several members of Corden’s team asking if there’s room for them at “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” Even bandleader and comedian Reggie Watts got in on the joke.

The segment started off as usual before one of Corden’s cameramen — identified only as Will — interrupted the pair. “Just wanted you to know, man, this shot looks great. Got just the right amount of headroom, perfectly centered. Really captures your essence,” the cameraman told Meyers.

“Well that’s great. Thank you,” a baffled Meyers said.

“Yeah, yeah. And if you need a cameraman on your show, I’m available as soon as tomorrow,” Will said, setting off a chain reaction. In short order, a talent booker named Molly, a security guard named Carl, and a teleprompter operator named Karina all echoed his sentiments. Whenever Meyers emphasized that he already had these positions filled on his own staff, they all countered with variations of the same question: What if something suddenly happened to Meyers’ staff?

Carl the security guard took the joke a step further. “Whatever you need. I’ll break legs, I’ll hide bodies. Just say it. I know how to make illegal stuff look like an accident,” he said.

True to form, it was bandleader Watts who brought the bit home. After asking Meyers to hire his band while threatening the current “Late Night” band, Watts debuted a jingle for perhaps Meyers’ best-known segment, “A Closer Look.”

As is the case with all good comedy bits, it’s one that’s rooted in truth. Back in 2022, Corden announced that he would be leaving “The Late Late Show” in the spring of 2023. CBS then announced earlier this year that the late night show would be coming to an end once Corden left.

“The Late Late Show” first debuted in 1995 with hot Tom Snyder. Over the course of its nearly 5,000 episodes, it’s been hosted by Craig Kilborn, Craig Ferguson and Corden, who has been the face of the series for nine seasons. The CBS staple will air its final episode April 27. Tom Cruise, Will Ferrell and Harry Styles are all expected to make appearances in this star-studded last hurrah, which will be available to watch on both CBS and Paramount+.

Watch the bit with Seth Meyers in the video above.