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James Franco Tries Penetrating Stephen Colbert’s Political Facade (Video)

”Are you going to go Democrat when you go to this new show?“ Franco asks ”The Colbert Report“ host, referring to his 2015 transition to CBS’ ”Late Show“

Since CBS announced Stephen Colbert will inherit “The Late Show” from David Letterman,  the talk-show host has been saddled with questions about whether he plans to drop the right-wing political shtick he’s famous for on Comedy Central. James Franco tried untangling that enigma on Wednesday’s episode of “The Colbert Report,” but he didn’t get far.

As their interview about Franco’s “Child of God” wound down, Colbert attempted cutting to commercial — but Franco stopped him.

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“Are you going to go Democrat when you go to this new show?” Franco asked.

The host played coy. “Now here’s the interesting thing,” he replied, “I don’t know what the f–k you’re talking about.” Then the show went to break.

Colbert has maintained a conservative caricature throughout 10 seasons of “The Colbert Report,” but most assume he will abandon it upon transitioning to CBS. Colbert hasn’t confirmed that, however. And he continued to sidestep the question with Franco.

The interview wasn’t a complete loss, though — Franco was given the opportunity to cast his vote in the Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom feud.

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“I’m team Bloom,” said Franco.

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