Jeff Zucker and Abu Dhabi Make an Audacious Play for Conservative News in US, UK

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But the $1.4 billion bid faces a British government inquiry and tough conditions for media in the U.S.

Jeff Zucker, CEO of Redbird IMI (Christopher Smith)

An Abu Dhabi fund controlled by a crown prince has paid $1.4 billion to acquire two venerable British publications while their CEO — former CNN boss Jeff Zucker — is facing an uphill battle as the U.K scrutinizes the deal over national security fears.

Zucker, who currently leads RedBird IMI, the investment firm, faces all manner of difficulty in acquiring the conservative daily The Telegraph and the distinguished political weekly magazine The Spectator, not least of which involves a British government inquiry, a national security investigation and pushback from newspaper staff and domestic politicians.

And the U.K.’s Cabinet Office, which scrutinizes deals that could harm the country’s national security, has now joined the probe. 


3 responses to “Jeff Zucker and Abu Dhabi Make an Audacious Play for Conservative News in US, UK”

  1. Aytac Ercen Avatar
    Aytac Ercen

    What is Zucker promising these investors? That he would do what he has done for CNN?

  2. 79Jupiters Avatar

    Pod casts and news concentrators are the in thing now and in the immediate future. Drop 1.4 billion on this or that establishment brick and mortar outfit and there will be a 100 Mark Dices and Salty Crackers replacing them from their kitchen table top studios.

  3. SuzanneL Avatar

    Because Al-Jezeera “conservative” worked so well when they tried it two years ago. LOLOL Nobody will touch either of them this time, either. So let them flush other people’s money down the loo.

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